jungdreamAnnouncing the formation of a dream group. The group will be limited to 10 people. It will meet monthly in Melbourne, FL. It will be mildly didactic, but grossly experiential. A dream group format allows the dreamer to share a dream within the group. This allows the group members to help open up the images and feelings that are conveyed in the dream. The group will provide a secure and safe place to explore the dream. The process is structured in such a way that the group does not become group psychotherapy.

The willingness to share the dream means that there has been some lowering of defenses. the act of sharing and working with the dream material in a group setting can result in a sudden burst of insight.

If you are interested in joining the Group Dream Work, send an email of your interest along with any questions.

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
--Carl Gustav Jung